Karen Davis, MS.Ed, is the Founder of Media Mind-ED. She is an Emmy-winning broadcaster and teacher committed to extending the concept of literacy to meet the needs of our students.

Media MindED is the brainchild of Karen Davis, an impassioned teacher, Emmy-winning broadcaster, published writer and nationally certified journalism educator who is dedicated to teaching, researching, and finding solutions to best use digital and media practices to improve education. 

 In 2010, after decades in media, she transitioned into education full-time. She got a Master’s degree, guest-lectured at numerous universities and then began her K-12 teaching journey,  guiding students in broadcasting, journalism, civics and entrepreneurship.  In addition, she developed professional opportunities to bolster her colleagues’ media and digital literacies, partnering in designing curricula that wove media, digital and news literacies into K-12 classrooms and lessons.

Media MindED is an extension of the work she began with colleagues over a decade ago. 

Her publications and professional lectures have included: Design Thinking for Teens (2020),  Journalism: The New Civics (2019), Best Practices for Teaching Digital Natives (2016),  Developing Language Skills for Digital Natives through Broadcasting (2014), and Encouraging Bilingualism: A Review of ‘Bilingualism in Schools and Society: Language, Identity and Policy in Bilingual Research Journal, 2013. 

Ms. Davis holds a MS.Ed from the University of Miami and a BA in International Relations and Spanish from Tufts University. Early in her career, she worked as a writer and political consultant, crafting media strategies, position papers, commercials, debate materials and preparing candidates for local, national and international governmental positions. She has won numerous awards for her work in newsrooms and entertainment TV, including work at NBC in New York, The Weather Channel, HBO International and MTV.


Dr. Mary Avalos, Director, Community and Educational Well-Being Research Center, University of Miami